Lolis in Games Doesn't Hurt Anyone
By ImJustThatKinky • 2 months ago • 25 comments

You may have already read about the censoring in Zanki Zero. Which some people are mad about, while other are praising the decision. The main thing bringing problems to the game releasing state side is the fact that you can spend bedtime with “Child” characters. Here’s an example:

Now I’m on the side that believes it shouldn’t have been removed from the game. And I truly don’t get why people are so hell bent about getting something like this removed. You don’t have to do the bedtime event with the “Child” characters, so why are you so bothered by it? Is it because if it’s not removed from the game, you’d be tempted to look at it! That sounds like a personal problem. You pedo! We seem to worry about the safety of fictional little girls more than real ones nowadays.

People still can’t grasp the difference between fantasy and reality. If the world was reverse, where lolis were okay but violence wasn't’, we would be getting censored GTA. All guns are now nerf guns or paintball guns, and all characters have invisible boxes around them so you can’t run them over. That would fucking suck wouldn’t it!

And before you hit me up with the “you’re only defending it cause you like that loli crap!”. First of all bitch! (I’m not calling everyone a bitch, only the people who think I’m a pedophile.) I don’t even like loli shit. I don’t remember when I ever searched through the loli tag to find my doujin. Yeah, if it’s in my doujin I don’t care, but it’s never something I’ll go looking for.

I’ve seen some people in the comments saying to remove this. If you don’t like it, why did you click on it in the first place? Did give it a read before you made that comment? Hm...very suspicious. It has 268 favorites and 58 likes, so someone must be enjoying it.

If players can avoid the content, should it still be removed? Why do people click on things that they don’t like? Do you ever use the loli tag? Tell us in the comments below.