V from Devil May Cry 5 Getting His Own Manga
By ImJustThatKinky • 2 months ago • 1 comments

We’re not done with Devil May Cry just yet, because best boy V has just gotten himself his own manga. I can’t say I’m really surprised, with V being such a mysterious guy and a winning character design, a manga is suitable for him. The chapter 1 of the manga Devil May Cry 5 -Visions of V- will be released on LINE Manga app and site on April 27.

The art is done by Tomio Ogata (I bet it’s going to be hell drawing V’s tattoos every panel), and a chapter 0 prologue is already out, but only in Japanese. But knowing the internet, someone will be giving this one a fan translation very soon. But, a V manga is cool and all but what I’m really looking for is those Nico doujins...

Will you be reading this manga? What do you think of the character V? Do you want Nico doujins? Tell us in the comments below.