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An Interview with CuteSexyRobutts: Thicc Waifus Everywhere
By Kasaix • 2 years ago


Kasaix: Hello, fine people of Doujins! I’m here with another very talented artist to discuss a love of art and sexy women. Please give it up for CuteSexyRobutts. Like the name, the art style is very unique, something that immediately caught my attention.

All that said, thanks for hanging out with me. How’s it going for you?

CSR: hey everyone, what's up. just busy drawing all day

Kasaix: You're a prolific artist, so I'd expect nothing less.

So tell me, what first got you into art? Was it a show or comic you enjoyed that made you grab a pencil and paper to sketch things out?

CSR: it was very coincidental - i had a lot of free time during summer and was looking for something to do after the studio i was working at failed financially, so i picked up a drawing tablet on sale and discovered there is a whole process to drawing which i found to be engaging, and that's been my hobby ever since

Kasaix: Wow, that's amazing. An interesting twist of fate as well, the studio failed, and that led you to finding your own success.

Do you have formal training, or are you self-taught?

CSR: i followed some youtube channels and interacted in a small community that did monthly art challenges to be critiqued, it's likely better than art school anyways

Kasaix: Ah interesting. I can't say for certain, but I'd imagine things would be about the same, given how many tutorials there are online. I myself follow a YouTube channel that shows tutorials about making video games, and it's very enlightening. I've also had teachers who say "google it" when I asked them something.

What are you favorite things to draw? From characters, to settings, themes, and so on.

CSR: as a kid i really liked warhammer fantasy, and fantasy in general is my favourite thing. i most enjoy drawing warrior girls in skimpy armor such as mmo characters (say with an aesthetic like TERA), warcraft, and so on. as for characters my waifu HEXTRA THICC, tsuyu and android 18 are currently my favourite

Kasaix: An artist of culture, I appreciate that.

Your characters are certainly on the thicc side. Even Lilith, Morrigan's flat sister incarnation has hips for days. What first drew you to this style?

CSR: i don’t remember if it was an experiment or a commission asking for the thicc. in any case, i enjoyed it so kept drawing it

Kasaix: Interesting. You found a style you liked and stuck with it. I'm certain your 2.3k fans on Hentai Foundry are thankful.

Now let's discuss your take on Pokemon's Hex Maniac: Hextra Thicc. She symbolizes sexy and scary in one form. What first brought her to your attention?

CSR: it was a drawing that at the moment i can't find but had her looking really crazy and mental, so i liked that flavor of character as opposed to just a generic smile

here it is, from matsuba (idiotlantern)

Kasaix: Ah nice. The look she has, with the glowing eyes and everything, just says "Don't fight it. You'll like it. Love it to death." Like a dark-form yandere character.

Out of all your artwork, which one are you most proud of?

CSR: proud is a big word, but probably these 3:




Kasaix: Tough warrior girls showing off a sexy side, I definitely appreciate that. Zangya too, from the Dragon Ball Z movie. She was hot, but got little screen time, and was ended too soon.

What stands out for them above your other projects?

CSR: they really just came out better than expectations overall - as early in your progress some things are left to chance since you don’t understand everything and not everything is a conscious decision, results are just going to be mixed

Kasaix: Ah interesting. There's also the little details, like the water cascading over Zangya's hair that just sells it.

Where do you get the ideas for your art projects, and what's your process as you go into them?

CSR: it's generally random inspiration from the world applied to characters i like from mostly videogames i have played. sometimes it's a photo, sometimes it's a trailer, or a memory, things that come up and i want to adapt one aspect of the thing and apply it to a character

Kasaix: Ah, putting your own touches on other things, that's always fun. A couple of the stories I've written for Hentai Foundry are adapted from other stories, or a picture, I've read on the site (asking for permission first, of course).

What is a dream project of yours? Something you feel you must absolutely work on.

CSR: i don’t have specific projects but as the years go by and i get more experience i'd like to get closer to this style (artist HGJ); in general chinese digital painters is the thing i admire most in art right now. so it's just going to be a slow grind and that's satisfying enough

Cancer by hgjart

here's fenghua zhong, another one among many who just keeps me looking at their masterpieces

Queen of the Monkeys by Fenghua Zhong

of course, that's the peak of technical skill so it's gonna be a decade assuming i learn with good discipline

Kasaix: Ah, you look like you're getting close to that. I can't wait to see you hit that mark. It's always good to improve your talents as well.

Let's wrap this up, shall we? You have more thicc girls to grace HF. Any words to all your fans?

CSR: just thanks to everyone for the overwhelming positivity and appreciation for all kinds of stuff. this is something that relies on a majority not being assholes (thieves, scammers when it comes to commission work etc) and we always focus on the very few negative experiences, but there is a fundamentally generous community that just likes art and loves to see artists do their thing, so thanks guys

and thanks for the interview dude!

Kasaix: It was my pleasure! Thanks for hanging out.

If you’d like to follow CuteSexyRobutts’ work, links are included down below.

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