Steam Ban Game for Having a Crossdressing Boy?
By ImJustThatKinky • 1 year ago • 9 comments

Steam has taken down Top Hat Studios game Cross Love- Episode 1 off of the their store for "child exploitation".

With the banning of their game, Top Hat Studios has gone to TWITTER to shout their complaints on the subject.

Whoa! Keep your hat on there buddy.

Now Top Hat Studios is popping off, assuming that they might have banned the game just for featuring a crossdressing guy. Which if that’s the case...FUCK YOU STEAM! We need more trap games! The game has stated that every character were over the age of 18, which is always a lie in these sort of games that take place in high school, but we just let that slide. You might can’t buy Cross Love - Episode 1 off of Steam, but you can still purchase the game on Nutaku and Itch if you’re interested.

Why do you think Steam took Cross Love off their store? Do you think it's because of the crossdressing boy? Do we need more trap visual novels? Tell us in the comments below.