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Kanna is The Most Dangerous Loli Ever Created
By ImJustThatKinky • 1 week ago • 11 comments

Now I’m not a big loli lover like other people may be, but damn if it’s just one loli I always come back to, it’s this one. No matter how hard I try to escape her, she always finds her way back into my life. I’m just chilling, going about my day as normal, and this little gremlin has to show up out of nowhere.

No! I'm not a pedophile. Oh wait, you said pervert. Okay, yeah, I am that.

Kanna is one of those lolis that for some reason, I find attractive. I’m not completely sure how to explain this attraction, but I feel like it’s a combination of her unnaturally thicc thighs, and her dead, almost emotionless expression she has. I feel like it’s mostly because of those damn thighs! Kanna got thighs that can save lives damn it! But luckily for most of us perverts, she’s like 7,000 years old in dragon years, so we should be good right?

And here’s an older looking version of Kanna so you don’t feel completely bad about looking at her.

Do you find Kanna hot for some weird reason? Do you enjoy loli content? Do Kanna have ridiculous thighs? Tell us in the comments.