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Top 5 Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma Doujins
By ImJustThatKinky • 1 year ago • 7 comments


I never thought a show about cooking food could be so sexy, but then Shokugeki no Soma came and showed me the light. It showed me that no matter what the show is about you can always find a way to add fan service and tasteful fan service at that. Shokugeki has some of the best character designs for male and female I’ve seen from shounen and it’s only about cooking. And with such beautiful female character designs there’s bound to be a good amount of doujins to show them off. So here are my Top 5 Shokugeki no Soma doujins that you should check out. You’re going to foodgasm after you take a bite of these delicious doujins.


I had to put this one on the list just because sadly Rindo doesn’t get that much love. She’s a fan favorite (I believe) with the mange fans and anime fans, but there’s not many doujins of her. You get two scenes, one with Rindo and one with the beautiful meat chocolate Ikumi. They’re both mildly forceful but it’s the kind of rape where you don’t feel bad at the end because they both start to enjoy it...well, Rindo does at the very least.

This get’s the same treatment as number 5 with having Hisako. The right hand man or woman to Erina, who she’ll do anything for, that means even fucking Soma. Girls in doujins always be making up the worst excuses for wanting dick, “Since Erina has been acting weird after you and her had sex, I’ll take responsibility and have sex with you instead.” Girl, just say you want to have sex is enough for me, okay. Also, for people who ship Ryo and Alice, you get some of that too.

Erina went to by accident and read through our wide selection of doujins. Curiosity got the best of her and now she wants to experience the things she read about. So it’s up to our boy Soma to help her out. Curiosity is a dangerous thing when it makes a girl get on her knees and taste every inch of a guys cock and fuck him afterwards. Note to the guys out there, make a girl accidently read doujin, instant sex.

Kuroe has a monopoly when it come to rape themed Shokugeki doujins, so if you’re into both rape and Shokugeki just check out his whole collection. One of my favorite kinks is blackmail, so I went with this one out of his collection. Our strong god tongue Erina is the only one who can save her friend Hisako from the evil clutches of a nerd! So it’s time for her to put that god tongue to work and taste every inch of his hard meat stick.

You know what Erina likes better than sausage? Dicks! And she can’t deny it. She’s under the control of a guys power and this time it’s not with mind control but with his dick. Even while Ikumi being raped right in front of her, all she can think about is how much she wish it was her. Luckily for her she got her wish.

What are your top 5 Shokugeki no Soma doujins? Who’s your Shokugeki no Soma waifu? Where's Megumi on the list?! Tell us in the comments below.