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Klara is Expanding the Pokemon Sword and Shield Waifu Roster
By ImJustThatKinky • 6 months ago

Another Pokebae, another article. We couldn’t just end it with the release of Pokemon Sword and Shield. Nope. I thought the Pokemon Sword and Shield waifus were done, but with the new Expansion Pass, a new waifu is here to poison your waifu choices, and her name is Klara. But if you bought the Shield version of Pokemon Sword and Shield, you’ll have to settle with the boy Avery.

I feel sorry for the Shield fucker. Sword for life!

Klara is a poison type trainer and rival who you’ll meet in the new The Isle of Armor area. She has big puffy pink hair to hide her devious and sneaky face. With that cute 2B mole under the bottom of her lips, I can see why she became an instant bae. 

Well, I guess we can expect more lewd art for Klara, but I’m not sure about Avery. Pokemon Sword and Shield porn is still going strong, and Nintendo just made it stronger. 

What do you think about Klara? Do you think people will also lewd Avery? Are you getting the Expansion Pass? Tell us in the comments.