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The Seas are Wet, But the Girls in Venture Seas are Wetter
By ImJustThatKinky • 11 months ago • 3 comments

Another game that decides to do something a little different from your usual adult games affair. Venture Seas is a game with many different aspects to enjoy and experience as you sail the seas with your slew of different crew members.

The first thing you’ll notice is the character creation that’s presented to you in the beginning. You can decide things like your gender, your skin tone, body type, body hair, and who could forget breast and penis size. The developer made sure to make the character creation vast and varied.

You’re a captain aboard a trading ship who travels the seven seas going island to island trading goods. As you travel these islands you encounter different colorful characters who help the story go along in an enjoy manner. The game is about managing your crew and money, whether that’s selling goods, traveling dungeons to find loot and battle enemies using a card battling system, or running and managing your own brothel.

The one who helps run that amazing brothel is her. I fucking love her design! I would love to run her! 

And this wouldn’t be an adult game without sex scenes. With already mention the large cast of different characters, you’re bound to find someone who tickles your fancies. With scene ranging from straight, gay, and bi, there's something there for everyone to enjoy.

If you want to play and support Venture Seas, you can head over to the Patreon.

Have you played Venture Seas? Would you like to see more adult games like this? Do you enjoy character creations in your adult games? Tell us in the comments below.