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I Got a Cat Maid Has an English Dub
By ImJustThatKinky • 7 months ago

I always wanted someone to give an English dub to a Japenses visual novel like Taimanin Asagi or Imouto Paradise. But we have to start small before we can do something big. We’ve talked about the game I Got a Cat Maid before, well we’re talking about it again. And why is that? Well that’s because it know has an English dub! Thanks to a good VA friend of mine KumBomb, we get to see a little glimpse of what the future of English dubbed visual novels could be. 

I Got a Cat Maid English Dub

Now if this is the future of visual novels once they get translated for the west, then that’s a future I can’t wait to see. But for right now, all we can do is hope for weaboos like KumBomb to fandub our favorite visual novels.

Have you played I Got a Cat Maid? What did you think of the English dub? Would you like to hear more things like this? Tell us in the comments.