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How Much Do You Care for Male Dialogue?
By ImJustThatKinky • 1 year ago

I’m a real big fan when it comes to respecting women. That’s why I love reading female dialogue in my doujins and hentai. The only thing that matters to me is knowing what my female partner feels about the situation, whether it’s pleasure, nervousness, hesitation, pain, I’m a gentlemen like that. So as a man who loves himself a lot of female dialogue, too much male dialogue can ruin the experience for me.

Deep Valley is an artist that I would love. Hell, I might would even call him my favorite. I kind of fuck with his weird artstyle, I love the scenarios and stories he put his characters in. He knows my aesthetic. But got damn it, he has to flood his pages full of guy dialogue. Just dialogue bubbles of a gross guy talking about how he wants the girl to suck faster, or how good it feels. I’m the guy, I don’t need you say the things I’m already thinking!

Some doujins and hentai keep the male character silent, so that reader can self insert themselves. I’m more inclined to like this direction, but that might just be a me thing. I’m fine with the guy speaking in the beginning to help the set up or maybe talking a little bit during the sex. But when the guy is doing the majority of the talking during the sex, you know, the time when I’m most likely jerking off. It’s a real boner killer. I’m suppose to be fucking the girl, not the guy!

Man, you're talking too damn much! I want to get off to Rikka, not you!

Do you enjoy having male dialogue during the sex? Would you rather the male character be silent? What do you think about Deep Valley? Tell us in the comments below.