Hearing the Same Sexy Words Over and Over Again
By ImJustThatKinky • 3 months ago • 6 comments

Porn is so fucking weird, and the things people get off to is even weirder. The more I dive into audio porn, the more things I learn and find out. Today, I’m here to tell you guys about the four words challenge.

Now I don't have to be four words, but the one I’m talking about today is four words. Now the title of this audio is  I Have a Boyfriend, and as the title suggests, she has a boyfriend. And as for it being a four words challenge, she’ll be reminding you of that fact throughout the video and only that fact. Here’s a description: 

I turn you down because I'm taken. You persist. I spell it out for you. You persist. I giggle. You take out your cock. I get shy and nervous. So you just take what you want from me and shove your cock down my throat. I'm upset at first, but you eventually make me forget all about...um...what's his name again?

So in the four words challenge, the person has to only say those four words “I Have a Boyfriend” or any other slew of words or phrase someone challenge them to. Now I’m not sure how this is  sexy at all. I read the description of the audio and think, “I’m down. This is hot!” But the whole only say four words thing really doesn’t do anything for me. I want to hear more than four words, what’s interesting or hot about that. For me, if I keep hearing the same phrase over and over again, I’m just going to leave with my dick hard and search for something else to listen to.

I get it already, you have a boyfriend!

Do you think the four words challenge is hot? What four words would you like to hear be repeated? Do you have a boyfriend? Tell us in the comments below.