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Have You Confessed Your Love?
By WakeUpSnooze • 2 years ago

Right now on Love is War we have arrived at the classic school festival arc where the pressure to confess to someone you like is sky high. I should note that this IS Love is War and since basically every episode is like that I suppose this isn’t anything new, however this arc has a more serious tone to it at times and it made me reflect on confessing. It’s constantly repeated that in this game, “the first one to fall in love loses” and I never realized how true that is until I saw my man Ishigami fumbling over his words trying to confess to his senpai which brought back horrible high school memories from many many years ago. As long as you’re not the first to fall then you don’t have to worry about trying to push the envelope to take the relationship to the next stage and damn that sure can save you a lot of trouble. But at the same time if you do fall in love and then don’t bother confessing, you may end up “losing” for a very long time. 

When I mentioned those painful high school memories earlier, it’s not so much times where I confessed with nerves of the weakest metal on earth and was quaking in my boots as I said “m-m-m-milady would you l-l-l-l-like to play league of l-l-legends with me… please?” Instead it’s more remembering that there were a couple of girls I liked but kept that shit under wraps as much as possible. However, I distinctly remember trying to do anime bullshit to show them how cool I was so that IF by PERCHANCE maybe POSSIBLY they fell in love first with me then boom it’s not awkward. And I’m talking some dumb anime shit, like seeing them drop a pencil, waiting for them to reach to pick it up, then grabbing it at lightning fast speed and handing it to them so that they see how fast and powerful I am. Oh and of course I played off my speed as “it was nothing” because I’m so fast and cool just like my favorite senpai in anime. So yeah, that shit was cringy. In hindsight it may have been obvious who I liked because I did angsty antics like that from time to time but hey that’s how humans learn baby. I’m proud to say that the current Snooze took the old Snooze, beat him up, burned him alive, drowned him in a river, and threw away the key. Okay maybe that’s a stretch but I do think I’ve grown A LOT socially since then.

Ah love, an endeavor of high risk and high reward.

Alright since I had no actual confession stories I had to fill in the blank with “things you can do that are worse than just confessing” but hopefully you guys will have some actual accounts of how it went down. Have you confessed to someone before, or been confessed to? Was it cringey or pretty much smooth sailing? Are you watching Love is War? Tighten your tie, take a mint, muster some courage, and leave a comment below!