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HuniePop Pops Off With Sequel Trailer
By WakeUpSnooze • 8 months ago

Announcements, announcements. I can hardly keep up these days. This time I’m here to enlighten thee that HuniePop 2 released an official gameplay trailer on January 14 of this week. As I’m typing this the trailer is set to premier in about 9 minutes on YouTube, so I thought I’d do a sort of live reaction (but obviously not live) type of thing where I link the video and say a few impressions? I don’t know, it feels weird not to. First though you may want to know where I stand with HuniePop.

Gotta be honest, I’ve never been that enticed by the first entry in the franchise. I’m more of a visual novel guy than a puzzle game guy, so the core gameplay wasn’t attracting me over. But hey, I’ll play any type of fucking gameplay I have to in order to unlock sex scenes if the sex scenes are quality. While there is a good quantitiy of sex content from what I’ve seen, the fact is that most of the “scenes” just boil down to lewd pictures. I’ve played enough visual novels that my sex standards have been raised pretty high, and some cute pictures with a couple of lines of dialouge attached (if even that?) isn’t enough to do it for me. Needless to say, I won’t be a fanboy binded by love that’s for sure. Okay, this shit is about to premier everybody, let’s watch it together… from the future I mean. Simulated togetherness.

Well, what are we thinking people? I see some refinements to the core gameplay mechanics and some expansions to the gifting system have been made. More importantly, some of these girls are absolute winners in design. Ashley can fucking get it. I didn’t see any indication in the trailer the sex content was going to see any big changes though. If this title is still on some minimalistic shit with pretty pictures and no actual scenes, ya boi won’t be handing out any awards. I’ll try to keep following the updates in case there’s any concrete announcements in that regard.

Are you excited for HuniePop 2? Did you play the first HuniePop? Pop your answer in the comments below honey!