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GZone's Breeding Farm Open for Business
By Kasaix • 10 months ago • 6 comments

You guys remember GZone, right? That's the team behind Amity Party, a Danny Phantom eroge. I wrote up a review of that about a year ago, and I had an interview with GZone after that. I've kept in contact with them ever since, and they even joined the discord server. Well, there's been a disturbance in the Force as GZone, working with Team Bieno, put out an early build of a new game: Breeding Farm

A word from GZone:

"Our team is striving to create a game that could become the potential spiritual successor of "Breeding Season". Right now we are only at the beginning of our journey, but I am positive that we can achieve our goal over time. So if anyone is interested and likes to give us their opinion they are welcome to join us on our Discord Server od Patreon page.

Sincerely Team Bieno"

"It is a game for adults and the concept of the game is heavily based after the original game called "Breeding Season".
We are basically offering you to play a game based after the same concept, that is " to breed monsters" and to explore new environments and animations with every update of the game.
The game will include entirely new characters, a new story, new art, new animations, new monsters, and more visual novel elements compared to its original predecessor."

Yes, there was a game like this way back when. I barely remember playing it. This new iteration brings a lot to the table. There's an interesting story here, and plenty of girls to romance, both human and monster. 

The story is as follows: players take on the role of an amnesiac who was pulled up from the shore by Katelyn, a farm worker who breeds monsters. The player character, whose name can be changed, but the default is Karo, stays with Katelyn, her mother Rika, and their catgirl helper Cece, whom I suspect of having a crush on Katelyn. They're childhood friends, and it's cute. Karo decides to work on the farm. There's all the perks in the world: a cute girl, a cute catgirl, a MILF, all the monster girls (and boys!) he can have sex with, and plenty of girls in town to romance, from the bar girl, to a monster scientist, to a church official who is pure and easily charmed by someone with the right words. There's a queen, and I really hope we see and romance her as well. There's also mention of a witch. This game must have waifus for days.

Let's talk gameplay. As this is a visual novel-style game, there's dialogue options. Since it's an early build, the outcomes aren't too wild, just different responses from other characters. More branches will appear as development continues. Making all the right choices is likely the key to romancing some of the girls, as Karo himself considers during certain dialogue scenes.

Breeding is the literal name of the game. You buy monsters from the Talia in town and breed them to reach new levels as required by orders that you fill. You can also breed new monsters to get better stats as generations go on. 

Breeding monsters for missions isn't that much of a grind at all, and the rewards more than earn enough money to keep things going with lots of spare change left. The monsters themselves have perks, like 10% extra money when sold. 

The art is, as you can see, really good. 

All said, I quite enjoyed playing this early build of Breeding Farm. The story is interesting, the gameplay is fun, especially for those who like farm sims, and the characters are all varied and delightful. I can't wait to romance them, especially the cold Cece. Yeah, Karo can take her to the breeding pen, but it's not the same as straight romance. It's free to play and can be found on their Patreon page HERE