Amity Park: A Danny Phantom Eroge
By Kasaix • 1 year ago • 8 comments


It's no secret that Danny Phantom is a well-beloved cartoon from the great mind of Butch Hartman. Though it ran from 2004 - 2007, Butch Hartman fondly tells his fans that it's one of the most requested series of his, that he still gets tons of messages about it. So it's no wonder that there's plenty of hentai about the ghost boy. One such piece of ecchi work is Amity Park. Named after the main location of the series, Amity Park, a project by GZone, is something of a retelling of the Danny Phantom series. It's still early in development, with an abrupt end after the first ghost fight, what is already here shows a lot of potential.


The art is very close to the series itself, though with a bit more rounder proportions, especially for the ladies. A quick note for the picture on the left, there's a thermostat that Danny can manipulate to make the lab colder, thus showing off Maddie's, ahem, assets. All of the girls look as sexy as one would hope, and they are shown in all their glory at one point or another. Except Sam, but it's due to how early in development it is.


The story matches pretty well with the show, save for the parts where a change is necessary to make it an eroge. I don't recall a squid ghost going all tentacle rape on Pauline in the show. Or that he captures Desiree and makes her serve him. 



Every sex scene currently available in the game is saved on a computer in Danny's room for later viewing, though the right choices need to be made to unlock them. There's also a relationship meter being tracked, making each choice seem important. One applies to Danny Fenton, and the other for Danny Phantom.













 Danny Phantom was equal parts comedy and action, and Amity Park delivers. There's a battle system in place where Danny fights ghosts in turn-based combat. Offensive and defensive skills, some requiring ghost energy to use, are available. A punch or ghost blast can deal damage to a ghost. A block or invisibility skill can protect Danny. Each battle nets him exp to level up. Players can grind out by going ghost in the room and choosing to hunt ghosts, though so far, only the squids are available.






Danny's room itself seems to be the hub for various action, such as going ghost, speaking to Desiree, and viewing special scenes and player stats. It's where each day begins and ends, which can be tracked at the top of the HUD. Beyond his room is the rest of the house: his parents room, Jasmine's room, the lab, and so forth. Beyond that are various spots around Amity Park, that can be quick warped via the map at the top right of the HUD.



You can find this game on GZone's Patreon page HERE. Will you be going ghost in Amity Park? Let us know in the comments below!