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Granblue Fantasy Versus Lewd Mods Provide A Good Excuse For Losing
By WakeUpSnooze • 1 week ago • 3 comments

God dammit, as if I needed another reason to play more of this forsaken game. If anyone else out there in the good lands of plays Granblue Fantasy Versus, tell me what’s up with this game. This shit is hard as fuck. I mean normally when I play a fighter I can reach at least a decent rank pretty fast, Gold, Diamond, Demon, whatever one of the upper tiers are (not about to win any tournaments but you get the point), but my dumbass can’t seem to climb out of the B tier in this one. Not sure if I’m just shit or if everyone else is really good.

Anyway I know we’re not here to listen to me rant about that all day. You see, some modders have been hard at work as of late  to make the girls of the Granblue universe sexier than ever before when fighting. I didn’t even know that was possible with Metera but here we are. So far they’ve been hard at work with Zeta and I found the most progress in her department, but there are a bunch of WIP shots of a lot of the different girls as can be seen below.

Now personally I have no plans to use these. I need all distractions thrown out the window so I can focus on beating my opponent's ass and I’m still too shit at this game to balance seeing some hot ass bodies while I’m trying to lay down combos. It’s a bit different than a game like Skyrim where I don’t need every ounce of fucking focus in my body to play it properly (you better believe ya boi was fucking Lydia every night in that game, carry THOSE burdens bitch). Regardless I gotta respect what these guys are doing and their hustle. Godspeed. If you want to pick these up the mods are free over at  

Do you play Granblue Fantasy Versus? Do you use lewd mods? Put the fightstick down and leave a comment below!