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Get Stress Relief From a Succubus Waifu
By Yung Namahage • 7 months ago

 It's always nice when a game tells you exactly what it's about from the title alone. For example, Grand Theft Auto involves stealing a lot of cars, Undertale is a tale set underground, and in Succubus Waifu you have a waifu that happens to be a succubus.

Ok, so technically Erica, the succubus waifu in Succubus Waifu, isn't a full-blooded succubus, but she's certainly a waifu. Literally! You play as her newlywed husband, who's been working hard at his stressful job. The aim of the game is to balance your work life and sex life while paying attention to his stress level and the money he earns. The more you work, the more money you earn but the more stress you accumulate. If you can't pay the bills it's game over, but it's also game over if you get overly stressed. So how do you relieve that stress?

Thats where Erica comes in. There are a couple of sex scenes to choose from and a few toys you can buy to unlock even more scenes as long as you're careful with your budget. While it's a short game there's unfortunately no save function, but there are a couple of endings you can get that add to the replay value. Also, no H-patch required - all sex scenes are fully shown right off the bat.

If you're down for some succubus stress relief then you can get Succubus Waifu here. Are you planning on checking it out? What do you think of succubi?  Who's your favorite succubus waifu? Let us know in the comments!