A Review of Minitary Girls
By Kasaix • 8 months ago • 5 comments

Nutaku asked us to look at this game, and here's our opinion. Minitary girls is a free strategy game from Nutaku, and players can enjoy it on the go with their android devices. Honestly, I quite enjoyed this game. It's a fun tactics game with sweet ecchi military waifu goodness. It's kind of like KanColle, where the girls are weapons, but there's no way Minitary Girls bites on that. Here's a word from the developer:

“We wanted to make a mobile game with hardcore but fun battle gameplay set in a world where there are many attractive females. We’ve seen too many titles of weapon anthropomorphism already, so we expanded the idea a bit further by turning any heavy weapons you could think of into lovely girls. To make the gameplay more intriguing, we added manual skill releasing and real-time combat to the game. All in all, this game is born out of pure cuteness and fun.”

They well hit their mark on this one. Take a look at the trailer, then we'll break down the parts of this game and take a look under the cute hood.

Here's the backstory to Minitary Girls: 

A world at war...
Because of the Tunguska event, the earth opened a new area called "Gaia". Powerful particles released by this massive explosion, which can fuse with metal weapons and greatly improve weapon performance, were named "Gaia particles". The event only affected girls and so a new human species, "Minitary Girls", was born.
The military took advantage of this new particle to gain a massive boost in this new world of war. The collection of all these particles became the military's primary task, followed by the search of compatible women.

The Tunguska event actually happened in Russian on June 30, 1908, and we're still not 100% sure on how it was caused or what caused it. 

So, how does it play? Really, really well. The combat is in real time and requires real strategy to win. Players collect cards and upgrade their cute units to bring out their best.

There's 40+ girls to recruit and romance, all unique in their looks and personalities. Players can change their loadouts, outfits, go on dates, and choose appropriate responses to further their relationships with the girls. It's as much dating sim as it is battle tactics, which is a great combination done very well in Minitary Girls

But how does it look? As you can see, really well. The girls are expressive, and the voice acting adds to the experience. It's definitely anime-inspired, and the devs pulled it off really well. It's pure eye-candy. The girls all look and act differently from one another, and it's a real treat to romance them. 

The battles look really good as well. The battle animations are retro, and in a good way. 

The menus are easy to navigate and comfortable to use. 

Minitary Girls is a great and fun game, with lots of charming girls to romance. The battles are fun and engaging, and if romance is your thing, engaging is a key word here. It's well worth the price of $0 to get on your android. Will you be going to battle with the Minitary girls? Sound off in the comments below!