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So, Where Do You Hide Your Stash?
By WakeUpSnooze • 6 months ago

Back in my day, well, the Internet had pretty much already taken off by then. But back in my dad’s day, you couldn’t just go online and find some hot material to jerk off to. Oh no. Your ass would need to head to a store that sold illicit materials, pay money to buy it, carry it home and hide it in a place that nobody could find, and then pray for good luck. There used to be a huge risk involved in the process to the point where giving up and not even owning any porn was a consideration if your family was strict as hell. And sadly for those of us who have some onaholes and onahole-related equipment in our possession, that risk is still very much alive today.

I’ll start by addressing the physical shit. Do you even have physical stuff at this point? Since I review onaholes on the site, I’ve had a bit of trouble keeping them out of the public eye. Right now they are stuffed deep into the depths of my closet and guarded by backpacks, clothes, heavy boxes, and whatnot. One thing is for sure, nobody who isn’t in shape will be able to get back there and discover the stash. It was easy back when I only had one or two, but now that the collection is grown to four or five I believe with more inbound, it’s getting harder to find space. I know I can just get rid of the old ones, but damn son some of them onaholes were mighty nice and I don’t want to part with them. However, as a compromise I threw away a bunch of the boxes so at least if someone finds them they don’t have to endure seeing weird hentai art in their face. There’s still hope I can convince them it’s some special kind of massager for your fingers. Some of them are so inconspicuous that someone might even be fooled.

Ah hell no, this is giving me anxiety. You gotta get rid of the boxes, put the lube in unmarked containers, this is too dangerous!

Okay now everyone can join the conversation. Do you keep some porn downloaded on your computer? I try not to, but damn sometimes you find a piece of material so good that you have to at least keep the link somewhere handy. Currently I have a file with links to a bunch of top videos, though I cut off the beginning of the link so that if someone finds them and isn’t computer literate, they’d have no idea what to do with them. I’ve thought about encrypting files before, but there’s not really too many situations I can imagine these days where someone would be rifling through my computer. The perks of growing up baby. Therefore I haven’t bothered. I know some people keep gigabytes upon gigabytes of porn collected, but I simply don’t have that much material that I consider so godlike I need to have it forever and ever. Trusting that the Internet (and the good coworkers at will preserve them is enough for me…*cough* most of the time. I’m not saying I don’t have a gig here or a gig there laying around in weird folders on my computer either. Nobody will ever think to check that “Calculus Study Guides” folder.


I'm in. I'm downloading the titties now.

Do you have any physical porn or porn toys that you keep hidden in your home? Do you have a digital collection on your computer? Be a homie and tell your secrets about your stash in the comments below!