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Fortnite Double Dips Into My Hero Academia
By WakeUpSnooze • 1 week ago

Look I’m also shocked at how many times Fortnite has appeared on this blog due to collaborating with an anime, okay? I didn’t know what I signed up for when I covered their first dip into the world of anime characters but it seems like it must be doing numbers for them because ever since then Fortnite has continued to have some anime partnership occurring constantly. This time it’s even more of a surprise, as they have decided to renew their past work with My Hero Academia. This time we’ve got new skins headed to the shop, branching out into more side characters including Todoroki, Kirishima, and Mina. A quick trailer showed their arrival for the new patch.

This time players will have to deal with more than simply the famous Deku Smash, as now Todoroki’s ice wall has been added to be a playable technique. The wall is incredibly sturdy and also pushes opponents away so it will clearly be a big help for defensive players (like my dumbass) and especially those who want to play the game on zero build mode so they don’t have to face players who can construct a five star hotel in seconds (yep, also me). Really this comes as a major shock to me, as I don’t recall Fortnite ever circling back to expand upon a previous collab like this. I mean rotating some skins back into the item shop for a while sure, but restoring an old gameplay item while adding a new one along with additional characters seems different. Partnerships in general like this tend to be a limited time only and don’t see much reruns as over time repeated collabs can make it feel less like two different entities coming together and more like a game that features both entities. It’s the difference between Mortal Kombat adding in one guest character from The Boys, or adding three. After a while it feels like one guest series is getting special treatment. But hey, at least it’s time to freeze some asses off with the ice wall.

Either way I’m not looking forward to being clapped by the Deku Smash again, but hey when life gives you lemons, stop playing Fortnite and read some doujins. Are you gonna check out this update? Do you think it’s weird for collabs to repeat? What anime will Fortnite gobble up next? Sip some slurp juice, go Plus Ultra, and become a symbol of peace in the comments below!