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Derpixon's New Animated Short: FandelTales!
By Kasaix • 1 year ago • 17 comments

Kasaix: Hello friends and family of Doujins! Derpixon, I’m certain, needs no introduction. They popularized the ‘ignore’ fetish, and their animations are absolutely amazing. Derpixon released a 12 minute animation titled FandelTales. It’s a great short I highly suggest you all check out now. Like, right now. Go, the link is right there. The article will be here when you get back.

Back yet? Good. Derpixon is here and ready to discuss it.

Thanks for hanging out again. How are you doing?

Derpixon: Doing great, thanks!

Kasaix: Great! So, FandelTales is a 12 minute animation. What was the inspiration behind this massive undertaking? I say massive, because despite popular assumption, animations are not easy in the slightest.

Derpixon: Oh! This might be a long one.
FandelTales started out as a one short sex loop of an archer character and a mimic chest monster. I was inspired by the idea of making a sort of Dark Souls/Dungeons and Dragons parody.
I made a few sex scenes of those two characters and that was it. One day, I felt like adding more to the project by making two other characters (which are the wizard and the warrior) because there's so much potential in a fantasy genre. It basically turned
into a cycle of adding more and more to the project until I realized later on that I'm already starting something bigger than anything I've ever done before. During that time, I already made a lot of sketch works that I decided to just keep pushing through with it and now here we are!

Kasaix: Wow, I have a great deal of respect for you. I once planned out a large writing project, but lost the motivation and drive to follow through, so it just adds to my shame.

You released a time-stop animation recently, which was as interesting as ever. I bring it up because that suggests you've been working on both FandelTales and other animations at the same time. Is that about right?

Derpixon: That's correct. Early in production of FandelTales (or FT) it was being balanced together with other animations in terms of work time. The idea behind that is since FT will be a huge animation, I might feel the burnout of working on a project in a long span of time
without seeing the results. To counter that, I made a few smaller animations in between to keep my mind refreshed when I go back to working on FT. Whenever I'm waiting for someone involved in the project to finish their part in the animation, I use that free time to
make other smaller projects that will yield results faster (Time stop being one of those).

Kasaix: That's a good idea, keeping things fresh and not getting burned out.

Besides you, who else was involved with this project?

Derpixon:  For the female characters, we've got Silkymilk who voiced Jean the Warrior, Shiyon as Fey the Archer, and Oolay-Tiger as Rizella the Wizard.
For the males, there's Blackeye as the Narrator, Wungo as the Bartender, and Karlajhee as Ben the Rogue and the monsters.
The voice actors did a fantastic job in capturing the feel of the characters, I must say!
As for the music, AoiichiNiiSan just nailed that fantasy setting with his compositions.  The timing and mood of the music enhanced the animation even further.
And there they are! I'm really proud of their contribution to the project, show them some love when you can!

Kasaix: They did an amazing job and deserve all the love for it. Those girls though....nice.

About how long did it take for the project to complete, from start to upload?

Derpixon: Approximately a year and a month! I think I started the sketch somewhere around June 5 last year. ^_^

Kasaix: Wow. I want that shouted for the back seats: animation takes a really long time.

Did you have any road bumps along the way? Any moments when you felt like tossing the project and starting over?

Derpixon: Oh yeah there were some deadline-related road bumps. There was one time where the progress went extremely slow because the process was just boring me (I'm talking about the lineart/cleanup stage, not quite a fan of that).
I had a lot of time to reflect on the project during that period and it resulted in me questioning if people will even like the end result. In the end, I set myself to have a mindset that there's a lot of room to grow in this project as long as I try to finish it with the best of my abilities.

Surely enough I did learn a lot of things related to efficient workflow and techniques as I worked on FT which is great ^_^

Kasaix: I'm glad this was a learning experience for you. Your talent and skill is already top-notch, so to see it get even better is frankly quite exciting.

Could you give an overview of what FT is about, for those who haven't seen it yet?

Derpixon: Alright! FandelTales is a short NSFW original animated movie about four heroes completing their very first quest as a team. Things go wrong when the heroes are driven by their recklessness which resulted into naughty situations!
The animation is set in the distant fantasy land of Fandel. It features some comedy and action scenes together with the lewd sexy bits. Oh, and there's 15 easter eggs/references in it so happy hunting. ^_^

Kasaix: I was going to ask about that, actually. You're clever and creative, I expected easter eggs in this. I'm guessing they'll be found in the Newgrounds side, I know that allows for clicking options. Any hint on how to find one or two?

Derpixon: All I can say is...most easter eggs only show up in the screen for only a second or two, plus checking the edges sometimes helps. ^_^

Kasaix: Get hunting, people!

Who is your favorite character, out of everyone in FT?

Derpixon: My favorite is always gonna be Ben. He is the most dashing rogue that everyone loves, plus he's an honest man just doing honest jobs for his family. What more could you ask for, right?

Kasaix: That's nice. I agree, an honest, honorable fighter working for his family.

What's your favorite part of the short?

Derpixon: Definitely the action scenes. I do enjoy making special effects animations A LOT. It was a fun experiment to draw some more dynamic movements and magic with all its mystical flair and style. Plus it gave me a chance to make the characters become these badass beauties which are always a great combination IMO.

Kasaix: I always love seeing a sexy girl who is also really powerful.

Looking back on it now that it's finished, are you proud of it, and is there anything you wish you could go back and change?

Derpixon: I'm really proud of what we made. It makes me more excited for future works and how those possibilities can be achieved. I do wish I could've added more sex scenes and extra introductory scenes that can flesh out the world of Fandel a bit more though!

Kasaix: So we can look forward to another project like this?

Derpixon: Ho ho. I have some ideas, but right now I want to just experiment with smaller stuff again and chill a bit.
So yeah, it is possible, but I wouldn't count on a sequel of this any time soon!

Kasaix: Given the undertaking getting FT finished, I would imagine you would want a break. You've definitely earned it.

Let's wrap it here. Do you have any final thoughts about FT?

Derpixon: It’s been a real journey making FT, I hope y'all will like it! If some peepz would actually plan to do tabletop campaigns with these characters then by all means!
I'd also like to take this moment to appreciate all the support that everyone has given us. Reading through all your comments is really awesome and I would love to hear more of your feedback. ^_^

Kasaix: Yeah, I can see a D&D  campaign like this. Send all pictures of such campaigns directly to Derpixon.

Derpixon: Oh god I imagine how "messy" that would be :>

Kasaix: Where is your head at...? >.>

Derpixon: Releasing a 12-minute animation is just pure ecstasy I swear, but anyway!

Kasaix: Hahah!

Derpixon: I think that's all I've got to say haha

Kasaix: Well, we'll wrap it here then. Thanks for hanging out again, and delivering a solid animation short.

Derpixon: My pleasure, and thank you for watching! ^_^

Another huge thanks to the great Derpixon for hanging out. If you’d like to read my original interview with them, it can be found HERE. To watch FandelTales in all its glory, links are provided below.

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