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Find Your Solace With Toys From Lovense!
By WakeUpSnooze • 1 month ago

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Despite the rise of AI and the idea of next level VR sex games appearing in media like Cyberpunk Edgerunners, it still doesn’t feel like we’ve entered into any new generation in terms of porn toys. Especially when it comes to men’s toys where many feel stuck in the past. Thankfully our friends at Lovense have been hard at work to create a male masturbation product that truly takes the experience to the next level. It’s a great time to check out their Solace: a hands free automatic thrusting device.

What makes the Solace unique? At first glance it’s undoubtedly the customization. Choose your own particular speed that suits your preferences down to the strokes with an upper limit of 280 per minute. That's over double a normal heart rate baby, speed is no issue here. What’s more you can tweak the depth of the strokes up to 2.75” if you only want a certain portion of your dick to be feeling the love. For the sensitive folks out there that can be a lifesaver as some toys seem to take pleasure in beating the hell out of your member with no room for adjustment. All of this can be controlled using the Lovense Remote App which means it’s easy to find a thrusting pattern that works for you and then toss the phone away for a hands-free experience that’s way more immersive. Or pass the phone to a partner and let them spice things up with extra control. The hands-free aspect means you can use this toy in a variety of positions, and it even comes with a desk mount for those wanting extra stability. With an approximate battery life of twelve hours you shouldn’t be worried about the Solace running out of power before you finish either. I know some of us dudes love to test our endurance with a little edging but I have to draw the line somewhere long before half a day passes. Once you’re done, utilize the removable sleeve to quickly wash up and prepare for the next round without hassle.

Those are some nice quality of life features, but what makes this device truly take the next leap forward? The answer is the synchronization ability. Using a secondary app called VibeMate, users can sync up their strokes to videos, live streams, music, or even games. The Lovense AI can analyze content and provide a mesmerizing experience by matching your calibration up. Finally, a use for AI that I can respect and is doing something besides taking away jobs from creative markets. Shit like this is the closest I’ve seen to true innovation that pushes the practice of male masturbation forward while so many other products are content to have us dudes living in the stone age with cock sleeves that offer no features and rip apart after three uses.

We encourage any interested parties to check out the Solace for themselves on its official product page. Of course it’d be rude of me to not leave anything for the girls among us (or dudes looking to receive a pounding) so if anyone likes the idea of the app customization and synchronization but wants that concept in a more traditionally female-oriented product, then checkout the Lovense Sex Machine. Both it and the Solace come with a 1 year warranty for peace of mind after purchase. And if you like what you hear but still want to see what else is available, by all means explore the full catalog of products over at Lovense. What types of toys are your favorite? Does the customization and synchronization on display here sound intriguing? How do you think toys will be affected by technology in the coming years? Charge your toy, tailor your settings, and blast off into the future in the comments below!