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Übel English Voice Is Sexy And Deadly
By ImJustThatKinky • 3 weeks ago

I wrote an article about how everyone was going crazy over Frieren English dub voice. And I have to admit, the voice does sound hypnotizing. And it seems like Frieren: Beyond Journey's End is just killing it with English dub voices, because the psycho mage, Übel, also has an English voice that everyone is going feral over.

Just look at these comment/quote retweets.

In my opinion, I think the voice is very hot. It has that sexy and sultry thing going on. But, my only problem is that for Übel, the voice is just too, well, basic. It’s sexy yeah, but I was hoping for a more slimy but still sexy voice. Something that matches her face and personality. But they went with just sexy, which is fine in the end. At least it doesn’t sound bad.

Atleast her art is slimy.

For a non harem show, Frieren: Beyond Journey's End  has been going hard on dropping waifus for us to get horny over. Hell, we’ve gotten more Frieren: Beyond Journey's End  doujin than I expected. So us elf loving, mage fucking perverts, are eating good.

Do you like Übel’s English voice? Would you like her voice to sound different? Would you like to get some Übel doujins? Tell us in the comments.