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The 12 Doujins of Christmas
By Kasaix • 2 years ago • 3 comments


(Header image by Nakano Sora)


'Tis the season to be jolly! Here at Doujins, we love every holiday the winter season has to offer. Whatever you celebrate, we wish you a happy and joyful time of year. To celebrate the coldest time of year, we give the gift of doujins. Here are the 12 Doujins of Christmas. Each one is filled with vanilla goodness, showcasing cute girls in Santa costumes having a nice Christmas Eve with their boyfriends. There is even a surprise appearance by Santa Clause himself. This list is in no particular order, but it is guaranteed to brighten up your day. We hope you enjoy it!

1. Horny Night by Shouno Koutaroo

 A girl is asked by her sister to cover her shift at a cake shop on Christmas Eve. At first, she's incredibly annoyed by it, but comes to see it as a blessing when she discovers that her crush is working that day as well. In an upbeat attitude, she helps sell out their cakes. At the end of the shift, she's offered a cake to take home, with the understanding that she would share it with her boyfriend. She quickly clarifies that she doesn't have a boyfriend, then asks how the chef feels about her. In a bit of an accident, she trips and the cake falls on her. The chef starts to lick her clean, saying how happy he is to learn of her feelings. Things quickly get lewd from there.

2. Santa Claus Monopoly by Eda Mame

A guy makes a childish wish to go on a date with Santa. To his surprise and delight, the wish is granted and Santa arrives. Well, a Santa arrives, as apparently there are many Santas in the Santa Association. She arrives for their date, with her boss wondering doubtful that such a wish would be granted. The guy skips the date and proceeds to make a move on Santa, thinking it's a dream, and that she's incredibly cute. Santa goes along with it, and they have sex. A year later, she returns, granting his wish to be his bride.


3. Summer Christmas by nagaikusa 

A guy is sent from Japan to Australia to work at his company's branch over the holidays. He makes a wish to Santa to have a girlfriend. When he returns to his apartment, he finds that his wish is granted: a busty girl is waiting for him with a bright smile and Santa costume. He doesn't know what's going on, but is happy for the company. She explains that she is his wish and that she is his girlfriend, insisting she be referred to as such. She notices that he's backed up and invites him to have sex. They profess their love. The following morning, he wakes up and doesn't immediately see her, so he sadly concludes it was a dream. Though she is there, and it wasn't. We're told that she returns with him to Japan.


4. She's the Santa Claus of the End of the Century by Rakko

A guy is spending Christmas Eve with his girlfriend, apparently a former Santa. The girl's older sister arrives, a scantily-clad Santa, who berates her sister for flaking on her duties. After eating their food, she decides to offer her sister's virginity to her boyfriend, which he already took. Not accepting defeat, she offers her own virginity to him. After getting called out by her sister, she quickly gets the former Santa off and goes down on her sister's boyfriend. She shows off her tundere side while enjoying herself. Her sister wakes up and berates her boyfriend for sleeping with her sister. The older sister Santa gives the guy her real gift, a 64-bit console.


5. The Intruder is Santa Claus by Tohgarashi Hideyu 

A guy gets out of the shower, and just as he's drying off, a Santa girl riding a rocket reindeer crashes through his window, and the two wind up in an odd position. He mistakes her for his gift, which she angrily rebukes. She laments that as the military was shooting at her, her bike's engine stalled and she crashed. The guy is apparently a mechanic, and offers to help her fix it. As they fix the bike, she sees him in a better light. Once fixed, he offers to help her deliver presents, which she happily accepts. After they deliver presents, the guy finds one last wish: his own to have sex with a cute girl. Santa offers him a kiss, not as Santa, but as herself. He takes it further and wants sex, which prompts her to put the bike on auto-pilot, and they have sex until morning. Santa drops him off, and remembers that his house is still wrecked, so he writes another wish to get it fixed.

6. Satori Santa by KinoKonomi

This is aTouhou doujin, but you don't need to know much about the series to enjoy it. Satori, dressed in a cute Santa costume, climbs through a guy's window on Christmas Eve to grant his wish: to become lovers. After an initial shock, and a revelation that she can read his mind, they proceed to do as lovers do: make out and have sex. As Christmas Eve comes to an end, the guy laments that she'll probably leave. She tells him that he's wrong, and that Santa's magic will continue as long as they're together. This proves too much for him, and round 2 starts.


7. Santa Koakuma's Present by Kotoba Ai 

This is another Touhou doujin, though you don't need to know much about the series to enjoy it. Koakuma, dressed in a skimpy Santa outfit and carrying a big bag, visits a man in the Scarlet Devil Mansion, and offers herself as a Christmas present. They proceed to have sex for a while, until Patchouli, who was in the bag, angrily berates them. It seems the real gift was a threesome. In her anger, Patchouli blows them up.


8. Onee-chan's Ploy by Otone ★

An older sister dresses in a skimpy Santa suit, calling herself Nee-Santa. This is another of her attempts to get closer to her brother, as they had been estranged most of their lives. She moved in with him after her company did some restructuring. Her plans for creating a sibling bond between the two are strange, to say the least. This newest attempt works a bit too well, and they have sex. Later, it's clear this will continue, as she eats one of his snacks, and offers herself to compensate. 

9. Kokoro Bakari Present by sen

On Christmas Eve, a guy finds a strange girl collapsed on the ground, and takes her home to help her. It seems she's a Santa and has to grant a wish to the person who helped her. That was a few months prior, and she has been freeloading at his place ever since. Deciding that it's taking too long, the Santa girl uses a mental ability to read his mind and conjure his wished present, which turned out to be a bunch of sex toys and bondage gear, as he has a crush on the Santa girl. She has some feelings for him, so she is more than willing to grant his wish. They spend the day having sex, using the sex toys and bondage gear in the latter half. The following day, Santa is recalled by her superiors. Months later, she returns as part of a festival gift.


10. Puni Kano - Present for You by Pyon-Kti ★

 A girl dressed in a Santa costume tries to do something special for her boyfriend, but gets stuck in the process. The boyfriend takes advantage of this and has sex with her. She's annoyed at first, but like a true tsundere, gets into it.

11. Voluptuous Tits by Marui Maru ★

An attractive girl moved into her current apartment to peep at the boys' dorm, and finds a guy she likes. She spies on him for months, and grows tired of just masturbating to him. When Christmas comes around, she dresses in a skimpy Santa costume and climbs through his window, proclaiming that she is Santa. Though he is unconvinced, her chest is more than enough for him to lower his guard and have sex with her. Months later, porn isn't doing it for him, he misses Santa. The girl continues to stalk him, and says she'll have a real present for him next Christmas, with a bag from a maternity clinic on a nearby table suggesting he gave her quite the present.

12. Santa Affair by Karma Tatsurou

 The real Santa Claus makes an appearance! After delivering a present to a young boy, his mother, in a transparent gown, asks for a present for herself. After saying that he only had children's toys in his bag, she gropes him below. Trying to be a gentleman about it, he tries to brush her off, but is unsuccessfull, and joins her in her bedroom. Santa tells her that her tastes are weird, since he's an old man. She informs him that he is her first love, and the two have sex. Afterward, the woman searches for her clothes, but Santa isn't finished quite yet, and they go for another ground. Later, he departs as he's behind schedule. The following day, the woman reveals to her son that Santa gave her a present as well, and tells him he'll see it when it's born.

Well, what did you think of our Christmas-themed doujins? Did they put you in the holiday spirit? Did we miss any of your Christmas favorites? Let us know in the comments below!