Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid Is On For A Season 2!
By Anorak • 6 months ago • 14 comments

Get Freakin' Hyped!

The Comedic, Adorable, Loli-Memetastic Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon is coming back for a season two of the anime!

The announcement comes from the cover of the 8th volume of the manga that hit Japanese store shelves February 10th.

Image from Moetron News

Because of the news coming simply from the announcement off the cover, there is no concrete news on the studio working on it, cast, etc...

The first season came to us from Kyoto Animation (Nichijou, Clannad, K-On!) so it is likely they will be doing this new season as well, though in the anime industry anything can happen. The style the company brought to the work definitely has many hoping they return.

The last season was announced on the cover of the 4th volume of the manga in May 2016, with the actual show being released January of 2017. Again, this is no indicator, but it can often a good frame of reference.

All we can really do for now is wait it out and see how it goes!

For the unenlightened...

Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid is the anime adaptation of the manga of the same name by Coolkyoushinja.

The story follows Kobayashi, an overworked office worker who, in a drunken mountain excursion, helped save the life of a dragon. The Dragon, Tohru, comes to Kobayashi's home the next day and transforms into a human woman in a maid uniform. Reluctantly, Kobiyashi accepts the homeless Tohru into her home in exchange for her work as a maid.

What follows is the new life of an ordinary office worker, an amorous and talented dragon maid, and a host of other dragons and mythical creatures (Like the aforementioned Kanna) that show up along the way.

Honestly heartwarming, funny, sometimes downright inspiring. One of my favorites from last year. Check it out!