Create the Waifu of Your Dreams in Koikatsu Party
By Yung Namahage • 5 months ago • 5 comments

Do you ever find yourself disappointed with the default characters in H-games with no options to customise them? Then you might want to listen up.

Illusion, who previously brought us RapeLayOppai Slider and Honey Select have now published their latest title in the west after releasing it in Japan last year. Koikatsu Party boasts that it's the "ultimate anime character maker" with over 300 adjustable options including hairstyles, ear types, individual eye colors, bust size, areola size, body shape, skin color and much, much more. Looks aren't the only thing you can change; there are also 30 unique personality options so you can truly create the ultimate waifu.

But what happens after you create your waifu? Well, what do you think? The sex scenes look similar to Honey Select with plenty of options when it comes to positions and interactivity but with more of an anime style. There's also an idol scene for some reason, in case you want your waifu to do a song & dance before you get back to pounding her brains out. 

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If you haven't been sold so far, here are a few familiar faces that have been created using Koikatsu Party's in-depth waifu creation system:

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If you want the opportunity to create the waifu you've always wanted or lewd your favorite pre-existing character then check out Koikatsu Party here. Since it's on Steam there's no actual hentai content straight out the gate, but as always there's a patch to fix that. 

Will you be downloading Koikatsu Party? Who will you be making first? Let us know in the comments!