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Audio Doujins: Enjoy Lulu All Grown Up
By ImJustThatKinky • 11 months ago • 3 comments

Lulu from League of Legends is all grow up now, and is wondering what to do with her new body? Well, we’re here on, so what else for her to do with her new milfy body but to get fucked! Thank again to the lovely Dorn for doing the voice of Lulu. She’s always a joy to hear and work with. And Buru was the creator of this wonderful doujin, he wanted to hear how a milf Lulu would sound like, and he got just that. Read left to right.

Lulu's Late Blooming Hormonal Overdrive

Would you like to see more of Buru’s works? Would you like to spend some time with milf Lulu? What other loli character would you like see get the milf treatment? Tell us in the comments below.