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Audio Doujins: Commission Batch One
By ImJustThatKinky • 1 month ago

I’m happy to announce that the first batch of audio doujin commissions was a success. I’m happy that many seemed to be interested, and I’m excited to see what other doujins people would like to see audio added to. Today we have a tsundere maid Jalter doujin, voiced by the always lovely Tempty. And a hot as fuck mature milf Youko doujin, voice by best milf Dorn. And lucky for all you bastards, the audio is male voice free. So you won’t be hearing any male moans in these ones. Just another benefit of audio doujin commissions.

Jalter voiced by Tempty

Youko voiced by Dorn

And if you’re interested in adding audio to a doujin you love, hit up our audio doujin commission sheet

What did you think of Tempty’s performance? What did you think of Dorn’s performance? Does no male voices make the audio doujins better? Tell us in the comments below.