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Anime Characters Don’t Have a Race
By ImJustThatKinky • 2 weeks ago • 66 comments

Well, like everything fun and that we love, someone has to go and ruin it. Sadly, it seems like it’s us Americans that always have to be the ruiners of fun. We were all having fun redrawing Sailor Moon in funny, wholesome, or lewd ways. Then someone had to come do this…

And then they had to do this…

Artist Silverjow drew his rendition of the Sailor Moon picture, which is fine. But it’s the comments that soon follow after him turning her hair and eyes different colors.

First of all, it’s stupid to think that people have been whitewashing Usagi when they’re just drawing Usagi the same way that the original artist drew her. If anything, Silverjow is I guess...asianwashing her. But that sound stupid, so we’re not going to say that.

Now this is the thing that I guess most people don’t understand. Most anime characters don’t have a race. Yeah, Usagi might live in Japan and all that, but I’m not sure if they ever stated if she was Japanese or not. But that’s with most anime. The creator makes a design they like, and goes with it. SImple as that. Sure Naruto lives in a ninja village, but the boy looks white as hell. You’re going to tell me that Naruto is Japanese just because he was born and raised in a ninja village? No, his race is an anime character.

I'll be the first white ninja ever. Believe it!

Some shows like Death Note or Banana Fish are different since those are the few shows that state the characters race, but that’s not usually the case. Why are we fighting about character race, when most of them have unnatural blue and red hair in the first place? Let’s just agree that all anime character races are anime until stated as such.

With blue hair like that. Her race must be anime.

Do you like Silverjow redrawing of Sailor Moon? Do you think other artists have been whitewashing Sailor Moon? Do anime characters have a race? Tell us in the comments.