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What's This!? New Game from Urban Demons Developer
By ImJustThatKinky • 1 year ago • 0 comments


After one video game project, it’s in a game developers blood to hop onto their next big video game idea that they hand in mind. Nergal’s Nest the creators of A Zombie’s Life and the popular Urban Demons, is doing a survey to help shape their new game and they need your help!

Urban Demons, their current project, is reaching its final build with currently being at With the end of Urban Demons closing in, Nergal is trying to gain feedback for their secret not so secret next game project. After completing the survey, you’re gifted with an image featuring a group ass shot of the many lovely ladies who maybe present in the new game.


Well, I can already that the artist for this project will be done by WitchKing00 which is a great choice. You can expect the scene to be very expressive and maybe even over the top. The game seems to be space themed from looking at the shot of all the different race of ladies. You have humans, aliens, cat girls, and...SAMUS ARAN! Don’t think I don’t see you!

You can that the survey HERE! You can also donate to their PATREON!


What do you think the game will be about? Are you excited to see Nergal making a new game? Will you miss Urban Demons? Tell us in the comments below.