Gamer Collects All 1,057 Sega Saturn Games
By Kasaix • 2 months ago • 6 comments

A twitter user by the name of sgΛ has completed a truly Herculean task: he gathered every single Sega Saturn game ever made, a total of 1,057 games for a truly great system. No matter what you think of the system, even Sega opponents have to applaud the lengths this guy went to to gather every single game made for it. While it wasn't very popular in the West, it saw a huge fanbase in Japan. As such, there are quite a few Japan-only titles. sgΛ went on record to say that the hardest game to find was “Pro Shinan Mahjong Tsuwamono”, along with two others that he declined to name.

His declaration of victory and triumph on twitter:

Translation: “All 1,057 titles of the Sega Saturn are finally complete…. It took a long time…. The last three especially…. There are pros and cons to completing this, but for now anyway, I feel relieved that I have made it. I thought it was going to be impossible personally, but somehow the dream came true. Well, guess I’ll have a tempura rice bowl.”

You eat that tempura rice bowl. You've earned it.

Sega had to chime in and offer congratulations. Translation: “That’s quite a sight and made me gasp ‘OHHH!’ without thinking. And you did it in the 25th anniversary year of the Sega Saturn. Thank you for loving Sega Saturn for such a long time!”

sgΛ sent a reply to the Sega reps here. Translation: “Thank you very much, I’m honored. Virtua Fighter, Clockwork Knight, Daytona, Nights into Dreams, etc, etc…. I spent a lot of fun time with the Sega Saturn. Thank you for so many interesting games. I will continue to support you in the future.”

I hope they give our hero sgΛ something as a reward for his dedication to this cause. I also hope to see a similar undertaking, because this was really cool to come across.