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What Makes You Pick Up An Anime?
By WakeUpSnooze • 2 weeks ago • 19 comments

Keep in mind we’re going to be talking about seasonal anime here. I mean, it’s a much easier conversation when the anime is already completed and has time for people to think about and review. When something’s been done and gone for ages, yet is still recommended and talked about like Death Note, you can rest assured that it’s pretty much guaranteed to be a banger anime or at least have some positive qualities about it. Seasonal anime are a much harder beast to tackle since the story won’t be done or at a pausing point until the season is over, but if you wait too long you can miss out on the meme hype train. Or in my case, be so busy that once something hits the 12 episode mark you just give up knowing you’ll never get around to burning through all of them.

"Yeah bitch, you know I'm still a GOAT."

All of that basically means I have to be real careful when selecting what seasonal anime to watch because you can end up wasting a lot of your time real fast otherwise. Still, even with all my checking and balancing sometimes an anime slips through the cracks and I have to ask myself, “fuck, am I really about to pick up MORE shit?” This is often the situation when the seasonal memes start cropping up. I see random memes and pictures that make no sense, and I’m wondering if I’m missing out on some quality content. The worst is when a bunch of people are talking about an anime and making videos about it, because then I’m rationalizing it like “okay if this many people are into “Rock-san Meets Paper-san”, there has to be something about it I overlooked. Maybe I should pick it up. And then sometimes, there’s the screenshots.

A picture is worth a thousand words. What the fuck is this? I thought about picking up Gleipnir this season, but it looked like the most edgy, ridiculous, middle-school shit ever. But now as time passes and I see more and more from it, I’m starting to wonder if I screwed up. That crazy looking girl is hot as fuck, and it seems like the premise is her and a nerdy loser boy have to team up to do some edgy shit. Perhaps not as bad as I thought at first. But then they said if that hasn’t convinced you, perhaps we could add this…

Yuri is my fucking shit, and this is looking hot as hell. I know some people were upset that they censored some of the sex in Gleipnir, but I barely get any yuri in hentai anyway so I’m used to living in the struggle. At this point I just want to know what the hell is even going on in the plot over there, and seeing everyone pop off on the waifus in this anime makes it worse. Unfortunately as we’re already at the halfway point for some anime this season, I don’t think I’ll be able to pull the trigger and catch up. But man there sure is a lot of tempting shit to make me want to.

What makes you want to pick up an anime? Are you watching Gleipnir? Pick up this conversation and leave a comment below!