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Pandemonica Isn't Causing Pandemonium When It Comes to Lewds
By ImJustThatKinky • 10 months ago

Well, I thought Helltaker would have calmed down by now, but the art and more specifically, lewd art, has still been going strong. We might have another 2B on our hands, but I think it’s still too soon to claim that. With Helltaker having so many great waifus, I can see why people are making so much lewds of it. So let’s go through the list, and talk about them in the same order you find them in the game. First we’ll talk about Pandemonica, the Tired Demon.

Pedemonica is the first girl you meet in the game and she’s the one for anyone with a nerd fetish. Round glasses, tired look and business suit, a girl who screams all business. And she’s not just a girl that’s all about business, she’s also the boss, the one in charge. For anyone who’s into the whole dominating kink, you learn by the end of the game, when she drinks her coffee, she turns more dominant and controlling. I guess you’ll be the bottom in bed tonight. 

Sadly for Pandemonica fans, she has the least amount of lewds out there. Guess people aren't super into a woman in control. Well, one down, 9 more to go. 

What do you think of Pandemonica’s design? Is she your favorite Helltaker waifu? Why do she have so little lewds of her? Tell us in the comments.