The Dragon Ball FighterZ Nude Mod We've Been Waiting For
By Kasaix • 11 months ago • 4 comments

Android 21 was the breakout star of Dragon Ball FigherZ. It's no secret she quickly became a top tier waifu. Heck, even we spammed lots of lewds of Android 21. At long last, we can finally enjoy the new android waifu in all her glory in the game itself, thanks to the brilliant lewd mind of xxsjxx of LoversLab. The mod is explained in this post HERE. It's still in beta, but it looks great. If the demand is there, besides just stripping Android 21, a mod will be implemented turning her eyes blue, like good 21. 

Here's a gallery of the mod in action. Check it out, and let us know if you're going to try the mod yourselves in the comments below.