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Virtual Waifus Are Now Closer Than Ever
By Yung Namahage • 5 months ago • 8 comments

The slow but ever-constant progress of technology means only one thing: the inevitability of machines rising up against their oppressive creators and enslaving humanity gets more likely every day. But before that, we might be able to make anime real.

You can already generate your own brand new waifus or convert a selfie into the style of anime using artificial inteligence, but now we take another step toward the ultimate goal of real life waifus, courtesy of Tokyo tech company AlgoAge.

DeepAnime is a new project by AlgoAge that uses a Generative Adverserial Network, which uses a host of premade images to create something new after breaking them down into recurring constituent parts. In this case, the GAN uses footage of mouth flapping and blinking to recreate that effectg on new images inputted by the user. This, coupled with a short voice clip that syncs to the animation, can make still images appear to talk.

Like the other AI generative networks I previously mentioned, it's not perfect. The technology behind it is certainly impressive and it can be employed by, say, VTuber creators or video game developers as a cheap and easy alternative to manually animating and syncing dialogue, but it's far too simple to create a full animated series. But just imagine the possibilities - pair DeepAnime with the same kind of adaptive inteligence and voice recognition software behind virtual assistants like Siri or Alexa and you can literally create a virtual waifu. And if you pair a virtual waifu with a robot body my dreams would literally come true. But sadly it'll probably be a while until my cyberpunk fetish becomes a reality. AlgoAge hasn't released DeepAnime to the public yet but who knows what it'll be capable of in the future? In any case, peep this video to learn more about the inner workings of DeepAnime.

What do you think about DeepAnime? Would you ever want a virtual waifu? Or maybe a sentient sexbot? Drop your thoughts below!