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Oppaidius Desert Island! is Already Funded
By ImJustThatKinky • 2 weeks ago

Okay, so Oppaidius Desert Island! has already reached its goal. So why write an article about it? I just have one word? Voiced sex scenes!

But seriously, Oppaidius Desert Island! is looking like a very cool and unique game, when it comes to the artstyle anyways. Here’s a summary:


After a dramatic shipwreck, you end up on a island with Angela, an incredible girl! Now you two are stuck together on a desert island! What will happen...?

- Gorgeous art with more than 200 hand-drawn animation frames

- Legendary composer Keiji Yamagishi (Ninja Gaiden, Captain Tsubasa series, Streets Of Rage 4) joins the game with an original track!

- A long story with more than 30k words, spanning different endings!

- Japanese guest musicians! Masashi Kageyama from Gimmick! and Tsuyoshi Kaneko of Yakuza saga and SEGAGAGA fame!

- A new mysterious girl to interact with...?

- Sizlla Okamura, the composer of the NeoGeo cult classic "Viewpoint", produced an exclusive remix track for the game!

- A fun set of Steam achievements to pursue!

- Original music score done with an FM-synth chip (Yamaha YM2151) by Luca Della Regina (Xydonia, Steel Assautl)

- Pixel art backgrounds with native resolutions and color palette from retro-consoles

- No censorships!

There’s actually a first part of this game called Oppaidius Tropical Cruise!, which you can download for free on Steam.

WIth the developers earlier games being more ecchi than hentai, they decided to change that with the new installment. Going the whole mile with animated sex scenes and voice acting.  Now, I mention that the game had a unique artstyle, which I think it does. But I’m sure it’ll be a turn off for some people. The artstyle has a very old school anime vibe going on with it, which can make some of the girls look kind of weird.

But I’m excited for the game and happy that they’ve reached their goal. If you want to support them even farther, you can check out their Kickstarter.

Are you excited for this game? What do you think of the artstyle? Have you played their other games? Tell us in the comments below.