Trinoline - You Can't be Sad with a Harem
By Kasaix • 3 months ago • 0 comments

Sometimes, we all need a good cry. Something to reset our emotional levels. A bit of sad, heart-string-pulling stories could help. Well, Trinoline form MangaGamer wants to try to pull that off. It's an ecchi VN with a pretty interesting story. 

A doppelganger of deceased person is a common trope, and I can get behind it. Throwing in a super science android is a turn out of left field. But I digress, and continue to digress. Is it incest if the MC is having sex with an android who looks exactly like his dead sister? 

Okay I'm done. The VN is really good. Great story (despite the super science coming out of nowhere), the art is top notch, and the voice acting is well performed. You probably won't be reaching for a box of tissues to dab your eyes, and that's as far as I'll go with that joke. You're welcome.