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Timeskip Boruto Is Here, And It Looks Cool And SEXY?!
By ImJustThatKinky • 7 months ago

The Boruto manga has finally reached its time skip, so it’s finally going to get good right? All jokes assigned, I haven’t been keeping up with Boruto. I tried watching the anime, but couldn’t keep up with it, it just didn’t keep me interested. But now that Boruto looks bad asa, and angsty, I might consider picking it up.

The time skip was teased in the beginning of the manga and it got everyone hype and waiting for it to finally happen. Well, characters are grown up now and looking lit as fuck. A noticeable design upgrade that everyone is getting hype about was Sarada.

She looks cool as fuck, and have a mix of Sasuke and Itachi in her design, that I really dig. But, as always, you have some people wanting to “fix” the design. Saying it’s TOO revealing.

Now, I’ll be honest, I wasn’t too fond of her old design, that shit was wack and slutty in all the wrong places, but her new one fits so well. It’s not too much, and it doesn’t give me any weird vibes. It’s just a girl, rocking a cool fit, and being a rebel. I feel like people who see it in a sexual way are the real problem.

But hey, even if you see it in a sexual way, if you age her up, it’s okay. Which artist Yama decided to do, and let me say, the results are great.

And I didn’t think you could make Himawari look hot, but god damn did he do that too.

What do you think of Sarada’s new design? Are you excited for the Boruto time skip? Have you been keeping up with Boruto? Tell us in the comments.