The Difference Between Waifu and Laifu
By ImJustThatKinky • 2 months ago • 22 comments

As anime fans, I’m pretty sure we all have a waifu. I’m a piece of shit male, so I have multiple waifus that span across different series like Danganronpa, Boku no Hero, Naruto, Bleach, Persona, and many more. Yeah, I’m not really that loyal of a guy. But my waifus are nothing compared to my Laifu.

Now a waifu and laifu are two completely different things. A waifu is like my girl Asuka from Evangelion. I like her. She’s my type. A total tsundere, who yells and denies that she likes me. I love me a bratty girl every once in awhile. But in all honesty, she’s more of a fetish for me. In a real relationship, I’m pretty sure we would never last. I like her because she fits an aesthetic that I like and nothing beyond that. A real fuck and go.

She might be a bitch. But her being a bitch is what makes me want to fuck her even more.

But your Laifu, that’s something else. Raphtalia from Shield Hero, is the purest laifu since Rem from Re: Zero. A laifu is someone you like just for being themselves. I’m not really into girls with long hair and she doesn’t have that tsun attitude that I always go for, but she’s still just so amazing. She is someone who will have your back when no one else does. She’ll stand up for you, treat you with the same respect that you give her. She is someone who loves you for just being you. She might not fit your aesthetic, but she doesn’t have to, to capture your heart.

She was laifu from born.

What are some of your waifus? Who is your laifu? Is Raphtalia the best girl of this season? Tell us in the comments below.