Taylor Swift's Music Video Was Inspired by Anime
By Kasaix • 1 year ago • 4 comments

Taylor Swift's new music video is a commentary on her struggle to free herself from society and the media viewing her life on display, blah blah blah... wait... holy shit!  Was that just a Taylor Swift music video, or a new trailer for Destiny 2?


Or is she Major from Ghost in the Shell? Do I see some Blade Runner, Species, Ex Machina and Tron in there too? According to the music video's director, the anime-references are intentional, and it's all of the above and more:

Hey now Super Saiyan is going a little far; changing her hair to blonde is nothing new for Swift. Joseph Kahn's been making music videos since 1990, and he's worked with Swift several times before, including her Bad Blood video. He also directed and co-wrote the famous Power/Rangers video that was produced by Adi Shankar. Check out some of his work when you get a chance.

What all series did Kahn reference? Tell us what you think in the comments below!