How Big is Too Big: Oppai Edition
By Kasaix • 1 year ago • 9 comments


Many women would lament having large breasts. It's murder on the back, good bras are hard to find, and the straps dig into their shoulders. While they hold the dreams of men and women alike, actually having big boobs might give women some issues. Tokyo-based illustrator xxNishizawa has weighed in on the issue. We're not sure, but she may be speaking from experience on this one.  


Let's run down the issues she brings up. There are a total of nine complaints she has. However, the ninth really seems to be something more interesting than one that can bring lasting pain. We'll let you be the judge of that.


 As awesome as big boobs look, and they do look awesome, does the need for sexy outweigh the need for comfort? Let us know in the comments below.



1) Your breasts sit on tables!

Probably awkward at restaurants. 


2) People grope you!

That's illegal, please call the cops. 


3) You can’t run!

This is a genuine concern. It's known as jogger's breast, and ladies need to look into getting a proper sports bra.


4) Dresses make you look fat!

Fashion options are likely limited to the lady with large boobs.


5) It’s impossible to find bras!

Even without a mind for fashion, options may indeed be limited.


6) They hurt your shoulders!

I brought this point up earlier in the article. I've seen red strap lines on women. It looked painful.


7) People stare!

Staring is creepy, please don't do it. If they take it further, see #2 in this list. 


8) Shirts don’t fit!

Options are limited. It sucks. Someone needs to poke these fashion companies and tell them to cater to women with large boobs. They're ignoring an important key demographic.


9) You can put things on them!

This, to me, isn't much of an issue. Ladies, correct me on this one if need be. I mean, there was a kinky meme going around where women rested things on their boobs.