Remember Meet n' Fuck?
By ImJustThatKinky • 6 months ago • 8 comments

Remember when it was hard as fuck to find some good dating sim style porn games? Those were some dark times. But now with Ren’Py games and people who put in the time to translate Japanese visual novels into English, we don’t have those problems anymore. So what happen to the OGs of porn dating sims, Meet n’ Fuck?

Meet n’ Fuck are interactive dating sim porn games, where you pick the correct choices until you finally reach the sex scene. Once you get to the sex scene, you’ll be presented with interactive options while having sex like, slow, medium, fast, until you raise the bar high enough to cum. If you were a person who frequent the adult section of Newgrounds years back, you should already be well acquainted with these games. Back in those days, if you never notice, Meet n’ Fuck used to steal assets from Japanese visual novels to create their games. Since Japanese visual novels weren't popular in the west back then, they were easily able to get away with it without anyone noticing. I was a dumb kid who just want to fap to hot anime babes, I didn’t care if they were stolen.

Like they really were able to get the person who drew the characters for Bible Black to draw for their game.

Time has pass and Japanese culture and media is ever growing in the USA with official releases of things such as manga, light novels, visual novels, doujins, and onaholes. With this change and growth, it makes it way harder for someone to take something from a Japanese creator without someone noticing. That’s why Meet n’ Fuck had to get an art change, for better or worst. It’s a huge departure from the Japanese art that they were using before, now being less anime and going for a really cartoony style.

In this new growing popularity of porn games, it’s crazy that Meet n’ Fuck is still a thing. I haven’t been interested in playing a Meet n’ Fuck game in awhile. There are so many well made and interesting porn games out there now that I believe Meet n’ Fuck whole format feels out of date. But hey, if they’re still making them, that must mean someone is still playing them, right?

Did you know that Meet n’ Fuck stole assets? Do you like Meet n’ Fuck new art style? Is Meet n’ Fuck dead? Tell us in the comments below.