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Princess Project - Royally Boosting Approval Ratings
By Kasaix • 1 year ago

Here's an interesting story setup: the king hurts his back, and it falls to his daughter, the princess, to take over. However, the people don't really like her, they see her as incapable. So she sets out to improve her image. She can either fight monsters, or have tons of sex. That choice falls to the player. The princess has some help on this journey, so that should make things easier, too. One of them is wearing a babydoll, so we can guess how she does things. Take a look at a PV on Chobit HERE

Here's an actual story summary:

* Synopsis *
In the peaceful Potsukon Kingdom;
the king sprains his back, and ends up under-going medical treatment.
The unreliable princess Miyu must now perform his duties!
"That unreliable princess?" "Did we even have one?" "I'd rather leave!"
The princess with incredibly low ratings had an idea:
"If I boost my appeal, I can definitely raise my ratings right!?"
The princess will use cool charisma, or H sexiness to boost her appeal.
The fate of the Potsukon Kingdom, is in the hands of the princess who's 
only redeeming traits are the boobs on her chest!

* Concept *
Defeat a BOSS to boost charisma, and have sex to boost sexiness.
A variety of diversely times H events!
From brothels in bars, to dungeons and BOSS battles!
Aim to become the ideal princess and boost your ratings!

Though life is hard alone, you have comrades!
Switch out characters and enjoy different events throughout town.
You can work to help boost the princess's ratings, or even have 
different characters end up in H situations!?

You comrades will follow you to the dungeons!
Even if you lose to a BOSS, specific comrades will come to the rescue!
There is "clothing destruction" and "defeat H" for your comrades!?

40 base CG, with over 100+ scenes!
In addition to all this content, there are multiple endings!
A happy fappy fun RPG!

* System *
- Character Changing
During the free time, you can switch characters. 
Try walking around the town with different characters. 
You can boost your ratings, or even end up in H situations!

- H Radar
Events geared towards specific characters, 
and other requirements can easily be viewed.
Use it to find H events across the town!

- Charisma, Sexiness, and Appeal 
Appeal = Charisma + Sexiness!
Raise Charisma by defeating a BOSS, and raise Sexiness by having sex.
By raising your appeal, you can increase your ratings.

- Parameters
The story changes depending on your Sexiness and Charisma meters.
Aside from the main events, a variety of sub-events that require 
specific criteria to be unlocked are included!

- Comrade Rescue
If you lose to a BOSS, specific comrades will come to the rescue.
Your comrades are uber strong, so even if you can't defeat a boss 
you wont have to worry!

- Convenient Functions Implemented
Reminisce mode, H scene skip, Save & Load, Auto Mode, Synthesis,
Scene unlock hints, Unlock all scenes, etc...

* Specifications *
CG: 40 
Total Scenes: 100+

Yeah, it's a deep system. Not some flimsy premise to see some naked girls. I've played quite a bit of it, and despite not knowing Japanese, and having not found a translation, I had some fun here. Here's a sample of all the fun things players can find.