Patreon Fakers
By ImJustThatKinky • 5 months ago • 0 comments

I’ve been seeing Jinu’s art around on my Twitter (definitely haven’t seen his art on Tumblr. Shade thrown) and I do quite love his sexy, cartoony, art style. It was to my surprise to find out the Jinu also has a Patreon. Now people, when you see an artist you follow finally make themselves a Patreon out of nowhere, make sure you double check that it’s real, because we got some fakers out here.

I always thought to myself, “what’s stopping people from making fake accounts of other people on Patreon?” Well, I guess my question has been answered...nothing. Jinu has stated that this is the 10th time that someone has impersonated him, trying to profit off of his work. Now let me be honest, if you’re going to try a make a fake Patreon of someone, at least put some effort into it! The Patreon page is just a copy of the real Jinu’d Twitter page, and some of the pictures are behind a 1 dollar tier. The person has also made a fake Jinu Instagram account. The thievery never ends!

Here is the TWITTER post that Jinu made about the situation. 

Do you know Jinu? Have you ever seen another fake Patreon account? Have you ever thought of making a fake Patreon? Tell us in the comments below.