My Guy Friend Can't Possible Be This Cute! Interview with Dross
By ImJustThatKinky • 1 year ago • 6 comments


Kinky: When I said I was going to do a Week of Traps, I meant it. I always start these things off with saying how special the guests are, which don’t get me wrong they are but this guest is really special to me. A person who loves traps maybe even more than me, Dross! How are you doing today Dross?

Dross: I'm very good thanks. Thanks for getting in touch and making this happen!


Kinky: No problem. Now, how long have you’ve been drawing?


Dross: Somewhere between 4 and 5 years now, on and off. 


Kinky: I’m still an artist in training. Some days I love my art and some days I think it looks like complete crap. How frustrating was it for you getting into art or was learning smooth sailing for you?


Dross: Every artist has those days, it's not uncommon. For me learning was tough and took up most of my free time, I don't believe any artist would say learning to draw was easy for them (and if they do they're lying). Obviously you pick up on some things easier than others but overall it's a mix of fun and frustration. 


Kinky: That gives me hope that I'll get better. Why and when did you start drawing porn?


Dross: I never planned to draw porn, not because I didn't want to, but because I never thought my stuff would get to the point where it could be considered 'fappable' i guess. I started off drawing publicly anonymously in the drawthreads on /v/ and somehow that lead me to the drawthread on /d/ where I started drawing traps and dickgirls. I got pretty good feedback (and negative) and thats what gave me the drive to continue to improve and get better at it.


Kinky: Alright enough with the generic questions, I want to get into what I want to talk about, TRAPS! When did you get into traps?


Dross: Probably a year or two before I started drawing.


Kinky: Did you start off drawing traps?


Dross: Traps and dickgirls. I was already into them before I started drawing so when I began drawing NFSW stuff that's all I ever wanted to do.


Kinky: As a guy, I felt kinda weird at first when I was turned on by a trap. Did you have that crisis?


Dross: I've talked to people before that have had this 'crisis' but to be honest I can't remember ever having one. I'm sure I felt weird at first but it was the fact I thought it was weird that made me like it even more.


Kinky: Most of my male friends don’t get why I’m into guys that look like girls, which is understandable, I don’t get it myself. Have you told anyone about your love for traps?


Dross: No one irl, not even my gf at the time, don't really see how it'd come up. People online I chat with usually share the same interests anyway so it isn't an issue for me. 


Kinky: I was a big fan of Mariya from Maria Holic. But like everyone else Astolfo from Fate/Apocrypha stole that spot. Do you have a favorite trap in media right now? 


Dross: I remember it was a doujin of Hideyoshi from Baka to Test that started it. As for right now I don't really have a favourite, although I really like the shimakaze cosplay stuff. There's a lot of peoples OCs I dig too.

Dross knows what's good in a trap, that's why he knows how to pick'em.

Kinky: All your characters are sexy and beautiful in their own way. (The orc dickgirl is one of my personal favorite) But the real big hitter (and my favorite) is none other than the cute boy himself, Cody! Cody is kinda your mascot at this point. Did you expect Cody to become so popular?


Dross: Nope, he was just a random character I made that had a bunch of character traits I like, then it just went from there. I guess a lot of people also like similar things to me. It's very surreal sometimes how often I see him around and how much people seem to like him.



It's not just Cody, but all of Dross's traps are amazing. You can see that the cute as a button Sue Lighting is cosplaying one of Dross's characters. I hope she decides to do a Cody cosplay !


Kinky: Well we all share the same taste cause I love Cody everything about Cody too! (Those spats tho!) I also love you but you kinda piss me off. That small little one page comic where Cody gets fucked was a real tease! I understand that drawing and coloring takes time, but that hurt my soul. Do you ever think you’ll try making a full length comic?


Dross: Haha, yeah that was a tease. It's something I would like to try and do, it's just time consuming and I'd need to practice a lot to get to the point where I can make it happen. I'm going to do another page like that at some point and might even do it with other characters. Once I feel I'm good enough then I can give it a try. 

Dross is an even bigger cock tease than Cody. How is that even possible!



Kinky: That's great to hear. I hope my orc waifu gets some love. Many artists are creating art for Ren’Py and RPGMaker games. Do you think you’ll ever be interested in drawing for something like that?


Dross: If I had the time for it then sure that could be fun. Let's make a softboi RPG happen.


Kinky: I’ve never really been with a feminine looking boy before and I wouldn’t mind trying it. Do you have an interest in adventuring out in that avenue or is it just in the art?


Dross: The feminine boys thing is mainly just 2D stuff but I've been attracted to some in RL too, just depends from person to person really.


Kinky: This is the last question and a very serious one at that...can you be my Cody?


Dross: Uhhhh.


Kinky: I'll take that as an undecided.Thank you so much Dross for spending that time with me. It was fun to finally talk to someone who loved traps as much as me. (I finally got some stuff off my chest.) Is there anywhere these lovely people can find you?


Dross: Thank you for having me, at the moment I only post Tumblr and Twitter, you can find most of my stuff on boorus too. 







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