It's Not Like These 8 Tsundere Girls Like You or Anything!
By Kasaix • 1 year ago • 3 comments


(Tsumiki Miniwa from Acchi Kocchi)


One of the classic archetypes of cute girls in anime or manga is the tsundere. The cute girl who denies any romantic feelings for someone, yet blushes profusely and does cute things to or for the object of their affection. When they do finally admit these feeling, there's nothing but cute vanilla love. There's nothing more sweet or wholesome than that. To honor these delightfully annoyed girls, here are eight of the best tsundere girl-themed doujins on the site. And we're not doing this because we like you or anything, i-i-idiot, it's just a job, okay!

1. I'm Just Your Childhood Friend! by Kakashi Asahiro

 A guy is obsessed with this cute succubus from a hentai series and tries to actually summon her. His mother coerces his childhood friend to cosplay as the character to get him to stop. This plan backfires in the best way.

2. Sister's Excuse by Aoki Kanji

 A girl uses her older brother to relieve her stress from being rejected by guys. It's quite possible she isn't even trying to attract guys and is using it as an excuse to carry on her relationship with her brother.


3. Omimai Panic?! by Minazuki Tsuyuha ★

 A girl brings her childhood friend some class print-outs as he's sick and home and unable to go to school. She arrives just as his mother is leaving and asks her to look after her sick son. When the girl goes to his room, she catches him at a bad time. Since they're both interested in the opposite sex, they have an impromptu show-and-tell session.


4. About-Face by ikuhana niro

A girl gets really impatient with her boyfriend since he has yet to make a move on her. She angrily berates him about until he gets a clue and they finally get intimate.


5. A Game of Mutual Love by Bakuretsu Fusen ★

 This is an Evangelion doujin.
Asuka discovers Shinji and Misato relationship and peeps on them while they're having sex. Misato discovers her and convinces her to join their relationship.

6. Puri Puri Homemaid Sister by Okara

 A guy's cousin visits and pesters him about his work. When she discovers he's a hentai artist, she overreacts and hits him. His hand and glasses are rendered useless, so he convinces her to help him out while dressed as a maid. He pushes his luck to get her to really service him.

7. I Wonder If Mismatched Love Is Still OK!? by Takayanagi Katsuya ★

 A gyaru girl interrupts a group of female bullies from shaking down a classmate. In true tsundere form, she denies that as her intent. After an accidental grope on her chest, she decides to use her body to give him confidence.


8. Thunder Girl by Seki Sabato

A bratty cousin visits whenever it starts to rain. She berates him for everything, but this is to mask her true feelings. When a particularly bad storm hits, she retreats under a blanket, and her couin subconsciously reaches out to grope her. Through his apologies, she demands that he continues to touch her.

Well, what do you think of the dishonest cute girls? I'm not asking because I want to know what you think or anything! It's just how I close out things with everyone! Jeez!