How Would You Want Samus to be Fucked?
By ImJustThatKinky • 3 months ago • 23 comments

A NSFW VA named MIssMoonified has started something on her Patreon where patreons get to pick an audio of a sexy character from a series for her to play each month. And this month the winner was...

Samus is one of the hottest Nintendo babe out the bunch, with her long blonde ponytail, blue skin tight suit, and that sexy little mole under her lips.When I heard that the sweet Moonified was doing a Samus audio on her Patreon and her patreons get to vote on what will happen to Samus, I was truly hype! Sadly, the people I had to vote with ruined that hype. There was one amazing scenario that I thought would fit well, and that was Ridley mind breaking Samus. But you know which one won?

Just senselessly fucking Samus won. Now if this had visual to it, I wouldn’t be so up in arms. But since it’s just audio, I’m not sure how much you can do to make it apparent that your fucking Samus, only to just announce that you’re Samus. The Ridley and Samus scenario had so much more possibility and interesting things that could have happen. But just senselessly fucking Samus? I can kinda get that anywhere.

But this is only the first month, so next month votes and winner could be different. I’ll still be listening to the audio to see what it’s about, hell, I might be wrong and it turns out better than expected. But if you want to enjoy some Samus audio goodness or be able to vote for next time around, hit up MissMonnified’s Patreon.

Do you think Ridley and Samus should have won? Was fucking Samus senseless a boring choice? What would you have voted on? Tell us in the comments below.