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Hololive Announces Their First English Virtual Youtuber Group
By WakeUpSnooze • 1 week ago

Wake up people, make yourselves presentable, we have new Vtubers inbound and they’re arriving soon. You know, a few months ago I wouldn’t have known what the fuck a Vtuber even was, despite knowing about Kizuna Ai for several years. I tell you what, Vtubers have changed a lot since the first inception of the concept. There’s so much there to talk about, I might have to eventually do an entirely separate article. For today, I’ll instead focus on some Vtuber news that’s going around. Cover Corp, the company behind the Hololive group, will be introducing 5 new members to the agency who will speak English. They’ll start posting videos to their respective YouTube accounts September 12th onward. Below is a short trailer advertising them.

At this point many of you may be asking “Who? What? The fuck?” as that’s what I was saying two months ago when I discovered this crazy shit known as the current virtual youtuber landscape. To keep this brief but add some context, Hololive is a group of female Vtubers under the company Cover Corp. Many of these girls hold top spots in the overall Vtuber industry. Hololive started in 2017 and has become popular as fuck slowly over time, or at least YouTube loves to shove it down my throat in recommendations. Most of the Vtubers in Hololive (and in general) are Japanese and speak Japanese, so this is a “break away” moment for Cover Corp to start diving deeper into overseas markets. Keep in mind though that this isn’t a historical moment or anything, other groups like Nijisanji have already been recruiting Vtubers who can stream in non-Japanese languages. People are just going nutty because it’s Hololive doing it this time.

Oh, so this is what people are hyped about. I'm down.

As a final note, to further illustrate the power of Hololive, I went and checked all of the newcomers’ channels. Each one of the channels already has 50-60 thousand subscribers. Can you imagine that? The channels are literally fucking sitting there empty right now and around half of a hundred thousand people are already signed up to watch their content when it gets posted. That’s fascinating to me but I’ll save my elaboration for later. For now, here are the links in case you want to check any out for yourself.

Ninomae Ina’nis

Gawr Gura 

Takanashi Kiara

Mori Calliope

Watson Amelia

Like I said, I may have to do another article covering some more in-depth concepts about Vtubers and how shit has popped off, because damn this whole concept has gone a lot farther than I originally anticipated. Do you watch any Vtubers? Will you be checking out any of the new English Hololive members? Join an agency and get recruited by leaving your comments in the section below!