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MAPPA Uploads Tone-deaf Trailer For Anime About Animators
By WakeUpSnooze • 3 weeks ago

A new trailer dropped for the upcoming anime Zenshu a few days ago. Normally such an event doesn’t generate much buzz unless it’s a big name production, but Zenshu has been thrust into the spotlight of discussion despite being an unknown IP in the form of an anime original. Why? Well because it’s an anime original from Studio MAPPA… about an animator. At a time where animator working conditions are being criticized in Japan and by worldwide fans. Shortly after the great Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 (animated by MAPPA) working conditions were made public and harshly scrutinized for their inhumane practices. Oh yeah, it’s backlash time.

The premise alone comes across as the most tone-deaf idea from MAPPA based on the current situation alone. However, the trailer twists a knife in an almost unbelievable way as it starts off by introducing our main character who was an animator that quickly rose through the ranks to become a director. Not too bad, but then we see her immediately tell one of her underlings to “redo everything” in reference to what I assume is a scene from their upcoming project. The redo everything doesn’t come with much advice or specification as to why or how the work should be completed. When asked for clarification, our director MC simply states she’ll redo it herself. In a vacuum, these small points would be harmless and may act as setup for the MC needing to learn to work better with others after obtaining a supervisor role, or perhaps simply show off how dedicated the MC is to their craft. But in the midst of a turbulent industry where workers are fighting for better conditions, it’s actually baffling that MAPPA of all studios felt it appropriate to release this teaser lacking any ounce of self-awareness. As such, the comments online have taken it upon themselves to clown this announcement. Here are the top ones from YouTube to show what I mean.

Surely this idea had to come from some detached executive who thought “Why, perhaps the animators just want some more exposure and attention! Let’s make an anime about their career!”. I just don’t see any regular staff thinking this is the right time for a production like this to be made by MAPPA. Have you seen the trailer for Zenshu? Have you kept up MAPPA’s many controversies surrounding its animation production pipeline? Should they have expected this result? Animate your assigned scene, be told to redo it all with minimal instruction, and stay after hours to try it again in the comments below!