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Hear Lisa's Sexy Moans In... The Game Itself?
By WakeUpSnooze • 2 weeks ago

Normally for some lewd shit you gotta head over to a degenerate site like, well, But it’s recently come to the attention of the Genshin Impact community that Lisa’s default voice clips are already pretty sexy in the game itself. Very shortly after the game was initially released, youtuber Jaret Fajrianto made a short video that sums up the situation pretty nicely.

Later on, Lisa’s actual Japanese voice actress Rie Tanaka joined in on the fun and played as Lisa on a Twitch stream. As you can imagine, the lewdness only doubled and resulted in an ear-pounding experience of moans.

Alright, now to get into the real reason I wrote this article. Holy shit did this bring up memories of playing games as a kid. Gaming when you have attentive parents can be a harsh hobby. Back when I first got into fighting games I used to play this one called “Blazblue”. However, whenever I fought the main character, Ragna, he would say “SHIT!” over and over again. He got hit? SHIT! He got grabbed? SHIT! He slipped on a banana peel? SHIT! That didn’t take long to attract attention and I had to switch that boy to the Japanese voice real quick. It’s crazy when a game is 99% normal but it has like ONE feature, character, or quirk that made you have to work around it growing up. Or when you’re watching anime and they can’t help but put ONE sexual scene in that your parents just so happen to be around to catch you watching. Hell, I guess it goes beyond growing up. It’s pretty much awkward to watch suggestive or harsh stuff with your parents at any age 99% of the time.

No listen, it's about firefighters you've got to believe me

Before I go, one more thing. Is it me, or when something that’s not typically sexy is, it can be a huge turn on? Like if I play some shooting game and out of nowhere there’s a scene in the story where two characters come on to each other, there’s a bit of extra hotness because I wasn’t ready for it. I know what kind of wacky stuff I can expect to read when I log into this site. But Lt. Marie thinking my grenade skills show I have balls? Damn girl, calm down I came here to shoot some guys not shoot my load. Lisa’s involvement here is the perfect example of some sexiness being thrown in to shake things up. Now if we can just get some high quality accompanying doujins…

Have you succumbed to Genshin Impact yet? Did you have to deal with hiding small shit like this in your games growing up? Is small sexy shit in games outta nowhere unexpected and hot? Spend $500 so you can roll for more waifus in the comments below!